Systematic Error Lab Report

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To identify systematic error the experiment must be repeated. When repeating the experiment new apparatus or materials must be used, such as new stock solutions of hydrogen peroxide. If the new data differs consistently from the original data this indicates systematic error is present. Strengths Strengths throughout the practical are the simplicity of the overall experiment as it only took one double lesson to complete the whole practical and the materials needed to conduct it were easily accessible. The experiment was also safe, as it did not contain many substances or equipment that were dangerous or considered unsafe. Another strength could have been our ability to finish this practical in an appropriate manner, using the correct method and equipment. Another strength in the investigation was that all liver cubes were derived from the same source of liver. All liver cubes used for each of the seven experimental groups came from the same sheep’s liver. It is possible that different livers have different concentrations of catalase, therefore, different rates at which they breakdown hydrogen peroxide into…show more content…
For example, potatoes and capsicum are catalase rich substances and could easily be substituted in for the liver. They would still have the same effect as the liver on decomposing hydrogen peroxide and would produce valid results. Additionally, cutting potatoes or capsicum into precise 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cubes would be a lot easier and more accurate than cutting the liver into cubes, due to their ridged nature. Therefore, the size and shape of the cubes would be more accurate, thus, the surface area would be more consistent throughout all of the cubes reducing random error from this source. Lastly, using mechanical cutters rather than a knife as this could provide cubes of a more consistent
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