Systematic Errors In Research

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Systematic error:
Systematic errors affect the accuracy throughout all the trials during the practical which leads to inaccurate results.
One of the systematic errors could have been reaction time with the stop watch. This could have affected this practical because if the same person who had the duty with the stop watch may have had a slow or quick reaction with stopping the stop watch, and it would also have an impact if the trials were done with someone else had job with the stop watch for each trials. Having a slow or fast reaction time to stop the watch can result either stopping before or after the minute mark, which means the test tube may have gotten more or a loss of heat to it. This is important because it would affect the original
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One of the errors can be the size and weight of the foods. The size and weight can impact the practical whether the food burns quickly if it is small or slowly when it is big. This may also affect the amount of time it takes for the food to stop burning if it is a small piece and burn for longer if it is large for example if it was an macadamia nut. The results of the combustion would be affected because the quicker it burns the more amount of combustion there is. The transformation in the foods is put in the final calculations so this it needs to be correct, to make certain that the final results were precise.
Another error could have been in the practical was the distance of the flame with the test tube, how far or close the test tube was to the flame. This would affect the results because in some trials the test tube would be close to the flame and in some the test tube would be further away from the flame. This affects the results because the heat needed to be on the test tube and if the heat on the test tube was inaccurate it can affect the overall calculations. This is because when the test tube is closer to the flame, the water in the test tube would heat up quicker and if it furthers away the water in the test tube would heat up
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