Systematic Review Essay

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Even when kids don’t remember the abuse, they sometimes subconsciously will develop negative behaviors. A. Danese and M. Tan, in their journal article “Childhood Maltreatment and Obesity: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis”( 2014), explain that child maltreatment and obesity are often related. Danese and Tan use factual evidence and a meta- analysis of 41 studies conducted to support that “Improving the psychosocial environment children live in might contribute to the primordial prevention of obesity and its consequence”( Danese and Tan 552). The authors’ purpose is to educate readers on the effects child abuse has on an individual's health in order to lower the obesity rates by helping children who are being mistreated. By keeping their article extremely formal and…show more content…
Child abuse creates many negative effects and each of these effects branch off into more issues. My knowledge of my GRQ was deepened by reading this article because it focused only on a single effect and showed all the problems that could potentially arise from it. The chain does not stop at obesity; obesity is responsible for many health conditions such as type two diabetes and heart disease, both of which can be fatal. I’ve never before realized the significance of child abuse. Preventing child abuse would save money, time, effort and most importantly lives. Disease and illness would decrease and everyone in the community would benefit because of it. Now that I have a better grasp on the impact child abuse has on everyone, my GRQ is changed. Before, I was only interested in the effects directly caused by child abuse. However after reading this article, I realized that an unbelievable number of complications can be traced back to child abuse. The long term effects of child abuse are often related in an indirect manner, such as child abuse and obesity. I now understand the importance of recognizing and learning about the indirect relations in the same manner I’ve been doing with the direct
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