Systemic Oppression Paper

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If one were to do a survey on the effects of systemic oppressions on Caribbean people here in Canada, one would probably find that it produces emotional distress. This research proposal is an attempt to understand Caribbean people’s perceptions and attitudes towards profiling using the critical perspective on “race” and its effects, integration, inclusion and cultural diversity. This research attempts to answer the question: “In what ways does integration elicit positive response amongst the Caribbean community?” The goals are to show through the use of data that systemic oppressions as a stressor plays a viable role in bringing about psychological distress in Caribbean peoples. In order to reduce the rates of distress for people in this ethnic…show more content…
There will also be more in depth questions that require the participant to write out their answer. I will visit the organization called Tropicana Community Services. The event that I will attend is ‘Socacize Fitness’ as well as a few other programs within this organization. I will be interviewing Jennifer Grant, a director and social worker within this organization as well her colleagues. Jennifer Grant assists those in the Caribbean community by ensuring that their transition into Canadian society is free of obstructions by providing them with resources, tools and encouragement. In conclusion, the data in the literature review was put forward to show the intersectionality with “race” when identifying Caribbean people. The main goal of this research study is to advance ways to integrate the Caribbean community and hopefully this research will lead to possible changes. If I can lessen the emotional consequences in regards to the lack of integration of Caribbean people through this research then I would have made a difference as a ethnic Caribbean person living here in society and as a student of
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