Systems Administration and Network Administration

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Systems Administration and Network Administration Systems administration and network administration are, in many respects, very similar jobs. Both positions are highly involved in maintaining the computer systems in an organization, and, in some smaller firms, the position may be handled by the same individual. However, while there are significant similarities between systems administration and network administration, there are differences in the roles as well. Basically speaking, system administration focuses on computer systems and networks, while network administration looks at maintenance and upkeep of the hardware and software that composes the network (Entrance Exams 2012, 2012). Because there is obviously an overlap between the two different job descriptions, it can be difficult to understand why it is so important for information technology professionals to differentiate between network and systems administration. However, when one understands the different roles of the two different positions, it becomes clear that, why they might overlap, and why a single individual might be able to handle the position in a small organization, there are actually substantial differences between the two positions. Particularly in a large organization, the two jobs may need to be handled by different professionals with different skill sets. It is because of these different skill sets that the industry has been so adamant about differentiating between systems and network
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