Systems Administrator vs. Network Administrator

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Systems Administrator vs. Network Administrator: Systems and network administrators basically deal with the daily functioning or operation of computer networks within an organization. These professionals are responsible for organizing, installing, and supporting the computer system within the organization including the entire network systems and other data communication systems. Therefore, the typical work of network administration and systems administration revolves around the physical computer networks of several organizations. However, systems administration and network administration are quite different as there have been considerable amount of initiatives that have been taken by the technical community to distinguish them. The efforts to differentiate network and systems administration have been widely supported by several managers. As a result of these numerous efforts, some concerns have been raised about the need to differentiate the two professions. Systems Administration: Similar to network administration, systems administration is a branch of engineering that deals with the functional management of human-computer systems. This field not only deals with the technology of the computer systems but it also focuses on the users of the technology on an equal basis. Systems administration is a term that has been used traditionally by UNIX and the mainframe engineers to refer to the management of computers regardless of whether they incorporate a network or not.
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