Systems Analyisis and Design Paper

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| 2014 | | Willowbrook School Project
Chris Bannon – InfoTech Systems Analyst |

[BACKGROUND bUSINESS iNFORMATION] | This document provides the background business information regarding Willowbrook School’s requirement for creating a system to meet their business needs. |

Part1: Mission Statement
Willowbrook School, a 20 year-old nonprofit educational institution, is committed to providing a high quality, cost effective, safe and culturally progressive education to families with children ranging from preschool age through grade six.
Part 2: Business Processes
Due to significant growth in student population for general tuition and after school programs, the Willowbrook School has a desire to automate core business
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| Full Time Teachers | | | | | 6 | Record After School Attendance | After schoolteachers must report student attendance in the after school program so additional hours are recorded. This is reports to Susan Brown on a weekly basis. | After School Teachers | | | | | 7 | Generate Monthly Billing | Generate monthly billing for tuition and after care. Two separate bills. | Susan Brown | | | | | 8 | Record Payments | Track payments for each student to insure account balance is accurate. | Susan Brown | | | | | 9 | Bank Deposits | Deposit payments in the bank for tuition and after care. Payments may come in for an entire year or monthly. | Susan Brown | | | | | 10 | Maintain Calendar Events | Update & Maintain school calendar of events. Generate reminders of events for parents. | Susan Brown | | | | |
Part 3: Business Case
Willowbrook is a small, private, not for profit school located in Midwest USA. Over the past twenty years, the school has been able to operate the preschool through grade level three programs successfully with one dedicated administrative staff and limited technology automation. In an effort to fulfill its mission to the community, Willowbrook expanded the program to include grade levels four through six. The expanded program offerings and inherit administrative

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