Systems Analysis : A System Analysis

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Assignment 1
A system analysis is a person that studies and observes the problems and needs of a system to make it work properly for the job at hand. A system analysis would research a problem, plan solutions and recommend software to improve the system. It is a systems analysis job to be observe every detail of a system so they are completely familiar with it and know it very well, so that they are able to accurately and efficiently scan the system for problems and work out possible improvements. They would specialize in analysing and designing computer systems, first they would plan the system to make sure it is possible and feasible, in terms of time, economically, and legally. Once this has been done and checked over for mistakes the analysis would then be given the go ahead by their superiors and will carry out a investigation into the system to gather information to help build a picture of it, they will use specialised fact finding techniques to do this.
Once this process has been given the approval of everyone involved in the project the system analysis stage begins. This is where the analyst analyses the problem the business is facing with a computer system. They will analysis the old system with the problems and find out the requirements for the new system. In the end the analyst will have the deliverable which is a set of system requirements for the new system.
Here are some responsibilities of a typical system analysis;
• Speak with a systems users to learn…
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