Systems Analysis And Design Activities

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Systems analysis
Daniel Hawkins
Enterprise Systems Analysis & Design

Introduction The first section of the briefing addresses the systems analysis and design activities in the organizational workplaces. The second part will explore the typical responsibilities and skill sets of a successful system analyst in the workplace. Usually, a systems analyst refers to a system designer in any organization. A systems analyst defines, develops, configures, and supports computer applications to improve business efficiency as well as productivity.

Systems Analysis and Design Activities Systems projects that involve many departments will require a committee rather than an individual to approve them. The first step requires a proposal regarding the project. The plan entails the problem and its significance to the organization while giving alternative solutions (Kendall, Kenneth, and Kendall, 2006). It also analyzes the possible use of a computer to solve the problem while acknowledging the people interested in using the system. When the right people approve the project, then it is developed. Systems development life cycle (SDLC) involves the activities followed to generate new computer information systems. The SDLC consists of various steps. The first step is the preliminary analysis, which explains the problem and investigates it (McLeod, Raymond, and Sumner, 2006). The second step analysis the requirements. It evaluates the properties of the current system and those of the…

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