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Nola J Ward
Walden University INTRODUCTION

System analysis is not a fixed set of techniques but what it does is take into account all aspects of a situation from a systems perspective by looking at all its different elements and concentrating on the interactions among the elements. What system analysis does is create a framework to be reviewed and discussed among individuals in different areas to determine what is the best way to accomplish its desired goals and what must be done for their current and future needs of the organization. In simpler words, systems analysis is a structured system because of certain tools and techniques such as data flow diagrams are used to conduct analysis. Systems analysis shows how a business functions in order to increase effectiveness, efficiency and to improve an organizations work processes.

In reading Thinking in Systems, it states that there are three things a system consist of: elements, interconnections, and a purpose or function (Meadows, 2008). Systems may exhibit dynamic, self-preserving, goal-seeking and even evolutionary behavior; basically it is more than just the collections of its parts. In the book, The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge (2006, p 7) suggests that in order to cultivate systems thinking in an organization, they must have these disciplines: Personal mastery, mental models, a shared vision and team learning. Personal mastery is a continually deepening and clarifying our
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