Systems Approach For An Airline Company

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Systems Approach to an Airline Company A case study in the text book, “A Systems Approach In An Airline Company”, (Tubbs, 1978, p. 18) presents a marketing campaign taken by a United States airline company to increase revenue and market share. It seems the companies advertising department developed a long and aggressive new marketing plan to improve every experience for their passengers. The new plan promised shorter waiting lines, friendlier staff, and better food, just to name a few. Because the marketing department failed to develop a plan of action, communicate the changes to staff and completely disregarded how increased traffic would affect their entire business, the resulting mess ending in bankruptcy. The unfortunate part about this was the intentions of the marketing group were good, but their planning was very poor. Like many corporations, a very good idea starts high in the organization but can flatten out as it moves down through the ranks. Had the airline company simply recognized concepts of a an interaction model, like The Tubbs Model of Small Group Interaction, a more successful campaign may have been developed and most likely the company would have survived. Understanding internal influences like: decision making, conflict, communication and thinking those processes through would most like have saved the company and prevented a disastrous marketing campaign. Analysis of My Group Our group consisted of four members: LaMonica, Georgia, Anna and my
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