Systems Approach For An Airline Company

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Systems Approach to an Airline Company A case study in the text book, “A Systems Approach In An Airline Company”, (Tubbs, 1978, p. 18) presents a marketing campaign taken by a United States airline company to increase revenue and market share. It seems the companies advertising department developed a long and aggressive new marketing plan to improve every experience for their passengers. The new plan promised shorter waiting lines, friendlier staff, and better food, just to name a few. Because the marketing department failed to develop a plan of action, communicate the changes to staff and completely disregarded how increased traffic would affect their entire business, the resulting mess ending in bankruptcy. The unfortunate part…show more content…
Beyond the obvious difference, I was the only male in this group, we also came from different social and economic backgrounds and varied by twenty or more years. I felt we were shared many similar moral values which seemed to make the decision making rather easy. For example; during the Baby Jessica group project, we all immediately agreed that Baby Jessica should stay with the adoptive parents rather than going to the birth parents. As a group, we were able to share feelings, emotions, family history and talk through the pros and cons of both decisions. Our final decision was reinforced by using reverse brainstorming, feedback, input and integration of shared and sometimes different belief systems. The Desert Survival Exercise was slightly different as we definitely had varying opinions on the right path to a decision. Georgia and my self emerged as the dominate personalities during this exercise, most likely because we were the two oldest and most extroverted, which resulted in us controlling most of the conversation. When there was a conflict, Anna and LaMonica would share opinions for both sides and help us talk through what made most sense for the group. In the instances when we could not take a specific direction, I would evaluate if the decision was crucial to survival or if it was not going to dramatically affect the outcome and cater my response based on those facts. Although we had several relevant backgrounds, we were able to discuss internal
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