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Solutions Manual for Systems Architecture, Fourth Edition Stephen Burd Chapter 1 Systems Architecture: An Introduction Vocabulary Exercises 1. Students of computer science generally focus on system software, while students of information systems generally focus on application software. 2. Configuration of hardware and system software occurs during the systems implementation phase of the SDLC. 3. Professional organizations with which an information systems student or professional should be familiar include Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP), and Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer…show more content…
8. A program that solves a(n) formulaic problem requires no branching instructions. 9. The primary components of a CPU are the control unit, arithmetic logic unit, and a set of registers. 10. Primary storage may also be called main memory and is generally implemented using random access memory (RAM). 11. A set of instructions that is executed to solve a specific problem is called a(n) algorithm or program. 12. A(n) supercomputer typically is implemented with the latest and most expensive technology. 13. A(n) input/output (I/O) unit is a hardware device that enables a computer system to communicate with humans or other computers. 14. A CPU is a(n) general-purpose processor capable of performing many different tasks by simply changing the program. 15. The system bus is the “plumbing” that connects all computer system components. 16. The CPU executes program instructions one at a time. 17. The term systems architecture describes a computer system’s components and the interaction among them. 18. Most programs are written in a programming language such as C or Java, which is then translated into an equivalent set of CPU instructions. 19. Resource allocation and direct hardware control is the responsibility of a(n) operating system. 20. System software is general purpose. Application software is specialized to a specific user need. 21. A(n) computer network is a set of hardware and software

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