Systems Consideration in Hris

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Systems Consideration in Human Resources Information Systems

LaTonia Roberson

Strayer University—Online

Dr. Zelphia Brown

January 27, 2013

Systems Consideration in Human Resources Information System


This paper considers several comprehensive Human Resources Management Software packages and their interaction when deployed as a software as a service (SaaS) solution. Epicor HCM solutions and Icims Talent Platform are two services that provide Human Capital Management. Articles give opinions on why software as a service is not for every business and also why software as a service is considered to be very sound choice for small to medium sized businesses. Online
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Efficiencies of a SaaS

Everything is now being done using the computer and the worldwide web. There are not too

many things that can be done manually anymore. The Human Resource profession is a field that must keep up with technology in order to best serve the customers. The customers are the organizations these professionals work for and their potential employees. The Software as a Service enables the professionals to be more productive. For example, reveals that the use of their SaaS:

• Promotes operational efficiency by allowing the entire workforce to focus on key company objectives;

• Flexibility to deploy Epicor Payroll or connect to third party payroll solutions;

• Delivers powerful business intelligence to enable strategic analysis of key business trends for better planning decision-making.

Inefficiencies of MS Access Based Database

Although Microsoft Access is a familiar database system is inappropriate for storing personally identifiable information. PII is not secure on a database like Microsoft Access. Sometimes if there are several different operating systems within the same organization MS Access may become corrupt because it is unable to handle so many
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