Systems Consideration in Hris Essay

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Suggest three (3) efficiencies that an organization would gain from using a SAAS for its HRIS needs and three (3) inefficiencies from maintaining an MS Access-based database application. Using software as a service (SaaS) for Human Resource database management has several advantages. One advantage which is most often weighed in on is cost. Most SaaS programs are much more affordable to implement and manage than the traditional PC based software. Typically SaaS don’t require the company to purchase any new capital equipment to house the software. Normally, there isn’t a license per PC cost associated as SaaS programs typically have a per user minimal fee. SaaS are also flexible when it comes to change, it is easy for users to add fields, and format the database without running the risk of corrupting the entire database. MS Access-based database systems are limited to the MS-Access Platform. Doing simply tasks such as adding a new ‘field’ to the database could corrupt records. It doesn’t require new networking cables to disburse to users. Another efficiency that an organization would gain from using a SaaS for its HRIS needs in lieu of an MS Access-based database application is access and portability and globalization. Most SaaS programs will allow any user with the proper login credentials to log in from any computer with access to the internet or other mobile device. This allows for field HR reps to report and
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