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CATWOE, Root Cause, & Rich Picture Question 1. Management commitment and communications The management teams leadership and communication, specifically wit the IT department, resulted in helping the Columbus Project fail. Had senior management clearly communicated from the start that the project was a survival issue, the results may have born strong leadership and follow through with the IT Department. C While the topic is an internal based investigation, I still see the end user as the customers of the bank. The Columbus Project was supposed to be overseen by the managers to primarily make banking easier and more accessible for their customers. The service was to be upgraded to instant, seamless, and efficient, with over 100…show more content…
Over the last decade information systems on the logistics side have increased dramatically, with even the US government getting on board. I am going to discuss the process of how these internal and external systems has increased the documentation for tracing the lot numbers, but also created challenges from a managerial and employee perspective. We first have to get the product from the manufacturer, which is in Brazil – so much for the organic credo of buying local and reducing your carbon footprint – to the main point of distribution in New Jersey, US. Now the current import team is a total of 2 people, one with an extensive background is customs regulation, and the other is an eager assistant fresh out of college looking for quick advancement within the company. We receive an electronic ASN file, or “advanced ship notice” from our supplier, this usually comes through our company extranet. Once we receive these docs, the clock starts. We have to set up bookings with our shipping lines through their website portals right away to secure spots on the vessels for our containers. Once we receive confirmation for the booking, we have to log onto the US Customs and Border Protection website and their Automated Manifest & Broker System to issue a 10+2 or “Importer Security Filing” within 48 hrs of the vessels departure. This is a heavily automated time sensitive system of receiving
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