Systems Software And Application Programs

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1) Explain what an operating system does. The (OS) operating system is the best example of system software. An operating system manages a computer’s hardware and software and provides sources for computer programs. Most application programs require an operating system to function. There are numerous operating systems (OS) one may choose to install on their computer. Each OS will have different looks and functions that differ from the others. Windows 10 is a popular OS that is used widely around The United States. System software and application programs are the two main types of system software. 2) How does the OS manage the processor? While using your computer you generally ask it to do more than one thing at a time. For the OS to do this it slices a piece of it’s time for each task, that requires the processors time. For example, you may be printing a paper, chatting with friends, watching a movie on your computer, all at the same time. It is called multitasking. To provide seamless multitasking, the OS controls the timing of events the processor works on. 3) What activities are coordinated by the OS? If you are going to create a document and print it in Word, while you are watching a movie, there are many devices involved, mouse, keyboard, printer, and your dvd drive. Every time you touch the screen, the keyboard, and mouse click, it sends a singal from your dvd drive to your printer and it creates an action, or event, in the device (keyboard, mouse, dvd drive,

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