Systems That Use Environment Friendly Refrigerants Essay

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Refrigertion systems that use environment-friendly refrigerants provide a property advantage when put next to other refrigerant alternatives. However, the energy use associated with cooling operation and therefore the environmental impacts associated with its genration and distribution usually outweigh the choice of refrigerant. to attenuate environmental impacts associated with cooling operation, it 's affordable to guage the prospects of a clean supply of energy.
Research has incontestable that solar power is a perfect supply for low-temperature heating applications like area and domestic hot water heating.
From a property perspective, directly victimization star as a primary energy source is engaging as a result of its universal availability, low environmental impact, and low or no in progress fuel cost. analysis has incontestable that solar energy is a perfect supply for lowtemperature heating applications like area and domestic quandary heating.
Solar heating applications area unit intuitive since, once solar power is absorbed on a surface, the surface temperature rises, providing a heating potential. The use of solar energy to supply refrigertion is a smaller amount intuitive.
In this article, we have a tendency to review 3 approaches that use solar power to supply refrigertion at temperatures below 0°C
(32°F). additionally to reviewing the potential technologies, we have a tendency to compare their operating characteristics. we have a tendency to conclude that only
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