Systems Theory : A Business Analysis Essay

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Systems Theory: A Business Analysis of Lululemon Athletica Inc. Introduction: This business analysis will define the various problems related to the manufacture of the Luon Pants made by Lululemon Atheltica Inc. The Luon product was pulled because of a higher ration of sheerness, which made the pants. Lululemon Inc. has also been negligent with handling customer service at local retail outlets. A More so, the corporate leadership at Lululemon Inc. has been negligent in acknowledging heavier weight consumers that are not part of the “physically fit” demographic. A systems analysis of these various parts of the Lululemon corporation that need to be resolved to return the company to higher performance quality in pant materials, corporate leadership, and customer service. Background: Lululemon Inc. has a strong history of making quality fitness clothing for yoga and other athletic purposes by the founder of the company. Dennis “Chip” Wilson in 1998. After becoming “overwhelmed” by the company’s success in Vancouver, Wilson transferred management of the company to trained managers (Nicholes, 2016, p.6). During this time, Corporate CEO Christine Day’s leadership was put into question due to the low level quality of material used to make the Luon Pants, which had a “see-through problem” due to the extreme sheerness of the pant material. More so, in 2013, corporate leadership had a lawsuit brought against the company directors, including Christine Day, of massively raising the

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