Systems Theory And System Theory

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Systems theory sees the system as a set of related components that work together in a particular environment to perform specific functions that are required of them to achieve the system’s objective (Walker, 2012). Most people are part of a variety of systems and subsystems. For example, a family is seen as a system in itself but each member of the family may have different subsystems, such as their peers, education, job, recreational activities, etc. and all of these subsystems play a role in the functioning of the system being examined. Applied theorists of systems theory see the system as goal-seeking and when they discuss a problem within the system, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong but rather that the situation needs to be better understood and a solution to be found and implemented for the system to continue operating smoothly (2012). The social worker has decided to utilize systems theory approach when working with the Brown family. The social worker finds it extremely important to look at this family as a system of individual working together and believes that the family as a whole cannot be completely understood without looking at how the individuals work together and getting a grasp on their dynamic. Each member of the family has designated roles and are expected to respond to each other in certain ways. The changes in these roles may cause dysfunction in the family system. In order to determine the roles played by different individuals in the

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