Systems Theory And The System Theory

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The primary problems of this family from a general systems perspective based on the information in the transcript are: the identified patient, homeostasis, role induction, and boundaries. Based on the information provided in the transcript each family member has utilized different dysfunctional parts of the system. Systems theory is a family and couple umbrella therapeutic orientation that focuses on the systemic factors associated with a familial structure. A familial structure is a system in which two or more people are relating. Systems theory generally focuses on treating the dysfunction in the entire family or system as a whole and not treating each person individually. Systems theory addresses what is known as the “identified patient”. The identified patient is the person who the family or group agrees is the problem. The identified patient has generally exhibited behavior that tends to have the system or family focus on them in particular as opposed to the actual problem the family is experiencing (Tobin, 2016). When the family comes in for treatment or therapy, they generally believe that they are supportive of, or that they are actually trying to help the identified patient by brining them in to therapy. However, once the family comes in to therapy it is evident that the identified patient is not the sole issue within the familial structure. Based on the information provided in the transcript Pam who is the daughter in therapy; has been identified as the

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