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CIS 335 Case Study Bundle 2a: Due Monday, Sept.

1. How does strategic planning influence day-to-day business operations? Why is it important for systems analysts to understand a company's strategic plan?
Answer: A strategic plan looks beyond day-to-day activities and focuses on a horizon that is three, five, ten, or more years in the future. Because the firm's IT group will be expected to deliver IT resources, IT managers must understand and participate in strategic planning. Strategic planning starts with a mission statement that reflects the firm's vision, purpose, and values. Mission statements usually focus on longterm challenges and goals, the importance of the firm's stakeholders, and a commitment to the firm's role as a
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Technical feasibility: Technical feasibility refers to the technical resources needed to develop, purchase, install, or operate the system.
Economic feasibility: Economic feasibility means that the projected benefits of the proposed system outweigh the estimated costs usually considered the total cost of ownership as well as the acquisition costs.
Schedule feasibility: Schedule feasibility means that a project can be implemented in an acceptable time frame. When accessing the schedule feasibility the analyst must consider the interaction between the stakeholders, time and costs.
Economic feasibility is the measure of the cost effectiveness of an information system solution.
Also it includes the cost estimate for the project development team will be built into a project management plan. Which means the economic feasibility focuses on total cost of ownership.

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CIS 335 Case Study Bundle 2a: Due Monday, Sept.

Schedule feasibility is primarily influenced by users.

5. Describe the six steps in a typical preliminary investigation. Why should an analyst be careful when using the word problem?
Step 1: Understand the problem or opportunity if the systems request involves a new information system or a substantial change in an existing system, systems analysts might need to develop a business profile that describes business processes and functions. When you analyze a systems request, you need to determine
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