Ripple Effect Essay

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A. Three main concepts about systems theory.
„« The ripple effect
1. A chain reaction that spreads across a system affecting almost all or all parts.
2. The ripple effect can start as a small blip that alone has little importance. However, when this small incident starts to affect other parts of a large system, it spreads causing magnified problems for the group and its individual members. Cal State University, Chico had poor budget planning and too many extra expenses over the last few years, such as a brand new student union building and a new building for physical education and recreation majors. Due to the extra expenses, tuition has been steadily
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A good quarterback and a great receiver along with a talented offense and strong defense should have let them to at least the playoffs. However, personal issues weakened the team and led to a poor season.
B. How each concept has affected a group in which I have been a member.
„« The ripple effect
When my dad got sick about 3 years ago, my family experienced a harsh ripple effect. Our family business, a medium sized property management company, is owned by both of my parents. My dad is the broker, my mom coordinates maintenance and bookkeeping, and either my older brother or I manage office administration, depending on if I¡¦m in school or not. When my dad got sick, it put enormous pressure on my mom and I to cover the aspects of the business that we had never dealt with. With us putting in extra time and effort (which we gladly did) my younger brother and sister were handed down a lot of responsibility. My brother had to start doing grocery shopping, driving for my sister who is only 14, and extra general chores around the house. My sister started getting dinner ready after she got out of her after school sports, while juggling homework and basketball games. Change spread to all of my immediate family, and we adapted and overcame. The ripple moved beyond my immediate family as well to a few close relatives. My aunt and grandma in particular put in a
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