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Course Code CSE312 Course Category Course Title SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Courses with conceptual focus Course Planner 14810::Jagwinder Kaur Lectures 3.0 Tutorials Practicals Credits 0.0 0.0 3.0

TextBooks Sr No T-1 Title Analysis and Design of Information Systems Reference Books Sr No R-1 Other Reading Sr No OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 OR-6 OR-7 OR-8 OR-9 OR-10 OR-11 OR-12 OR-13 OR-14 OR-15 OR-16 OR-17 Journals articles as Compulsary reading (specific articles, complete reference) , , ,
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tion To Information Systems Development(System Development Strategies-system development life cycle method, structured analysis development method, systems prototyping method) Managing The Application Development Portfolio (Information system Planningreason for initiating Information System projects, sources of project request-government agencies, department managers, senior executives, system analysts.) Managing The Application Development Portfolio(Managing project review & Selectionsteering committee method, information systems committee method, User-groups Committee Methods.) Managing The Application Development Portfolio(Project development strategy selectioninstitutional, end user development, applications for end user.) Analysis Phase(Feasibility Study, feasibility considerations, steps in feasibility analysis)

T-1:ch 1

OR-4 OR-5 OR-6

explain each system development strategy

the knowledge to select slide show the best methods for data input, file storage and access, processing , and output for a given situation describe the role of slide show general managers in the evaluation of information system opportunities

Week 2

Lecture 4

T-1:ch 2

information system planning

Lecture 5

T-1:ch 2


discuss various committee methods

write a system project request

case study of Sevco industries profile

Lecture 6

T-1:ch 2


how institutional and end user develpoment strategies differs and where to use them

decide whether
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