Szu Hua Wu. Bonnie And Clyde- The New Style Narrative And

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Szu Hua Wu Bonnie and Clyde- The New style narrative and the originate of the New Hollywood era In the late 1960s and 1970s, a turning point of the American cinema had begun. Young directors started thinking a new style of film which differed from the past of the Hollywood films. At the time where the Vietnam War was happening, depressions and rebellions spread over the country. The young directors suddenly got inspired from the trend, they would be making films for the counterculture audience. Hopelessness, anti-hero, anti-establishment and morally ambiguous films gradually came out on stage. Among these sub-cultural films, in 1967 released the film ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, which was directed by Authur Pann and written by David Newman and…show more content…
The depiction of Bonnie and Clyde 's private war against authority in the 1930s satisfied the audiences wish in the late 1960s to rebelliously take back control over their lives (Murray 237-56). Additionally, audiences feel in the same situation as watching the conflict between the character’s costume in the film. Specifically, the disconnected character’s costumes create the mood of lost. The egregiousness of the art direction and the attempts of the secondary cast members to burst into prominence give a disjointed effect. At no time does the purpose seem to be to reflect a coherent image of reality. (Shadoian). Even though the two main protagonists, Bonnie and Clyde, seem to be having relationships with each other based on the driven narrative, you can see different styles and personality in the two costumes. Bonnie, in the entire film wearing a loose, flowing dresses. Her neck and lines of the neck are always exposed to the audience. In the beginning scene, Bonnie are naked in her apartment. When she sees Clyde, she randomly grabbed her gown and run into Clyde. Her dressings follow her motion between movements. In comparison to Clyde’s costume, he dresses stately, a tie and a suit. Like all the gangs in the gangster film, he wears a hat and a gun. The color of both of the character’s costumes never fit together. While Bonnie always wears skin color costumes, and Clyde wears in dark costumes. The only fitting that connected the two is the cigarette, also, both of

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