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T-205 Exam 1 Study Guide Week 1: Introduction to Media and Society 1. (a) Can you describe the information problem that we are facing? Our culture is oversaturated with information  information-saturated culture 130+ million books published and 1,500 new books published each day Radio stations broadcast 65.5+ million hours of original programming each year Television broadcasts 48+ million hours of original programming each year 35+ billion indexed Web pages (b) What is automaticity? The automatic processing of information without conscious consideration of each option Our minds operating without conscious effort from us Automaticity is subject to manipulation (c) How did automaticity develop in society?…show more content…
(a) What are the three information-processing tasks in which we are constantly engaged? Filtering  deciding to either process the message or ignore the message Meaning Matching  recognize the messages’ symbols and match them to our definitions Meaning Construction  putting together the meaning of the message Typically, we engage in these tasks unconsciously (b) How can these information-processing tasks be developed? These tasks can be developed through competencies and skills practice and exposure (c) Why are these three information-processing tasks relevant in media studies? They are relevant because they are essential in helping an individual build their media literacy They also help with developing good exam study habits and in identifying important decisions (d) What is the difference between exposure and attention? Exposure  physical, perceptual, psychological Physical Exposure is experiencing a proximity to a message Perceptual Exposure is the ability to receive appropriate sensory input Psychological Exposure is when a trace element is created in someone’s mind Attention  conscious awareness of a media message; must clear all three exposure hurdles (e) In what four states do people process media messages? Be able to explain each. Automatic 

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