T Be Used As An Initial Heading

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t be used as an initial heading, as it’s assumed that your paper begins with an introduction.]

Racial Bias

Racial bias for the justification of this essay by definition "are forms of implicit bias, which refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect an individuals understanding, actions, and decision in an unconscious manner" and that, that is what the black teenage boy faces every time he walks into a convenience store, that is what the Muslim girl faces every time she steps foot onto a school bus to receive an education, and that is what not only the people that surround us, but the people in America and the people in the criminal justice system are victims of by the men and women who swore to protect and carry out the equal human rights of all. Racial bias does not just occur solely within the court system. It occurs from the black men who was racially profiled who "randomly" got pulled over, to jury selections, to the out of proportion prison systems and to the entire criminal justice system, who took the 14th Amendment to provide equal human rights to all, no matter what color, ethnicity, gender or race. That is what needs to change. During the Supreme Court Trial in 1986 of Baston v. Kentucky it was found that a judge and prosecutor performed voir dire examination of the jury. Then which resulted in certain juries being excused for cause. The Defense counsel found that "the removal of the black venire men violated petitioner 's rights under the Sixth and

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