T J Rodgers

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QUESTION 1 How would you describe the management style of T.J. Rodgers? T.J. Rodgers management style is described as aggressive, rigorous and down right in your face. As CEO, Chief Executive of Cypress Semiconductor and author of the book, “No Excuses Management”, Rodgers has developed an almost fear inducing management style. On the wall of his San Jose, California office hangs a plaque that reads, “BE REALISTIC, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE” which exemplifies exactly what Rodgers expects from his employees, Perfection! At Cypress he disregards anyone who engages in what he considers sloppy thinking and no one is shielded from his wrath. He’s known for what some employees refer to as his “drooling psycho face,” which features bulging…show more content…
Holding oneself accountable for ones actions or lack thereof, is a direct reflection on our leaders and or own initiative. Being average or only doing what is expected is highly frowned upon in the Marine Corps. The marine who separates him or herself as a motivator and goes above and beyond the call of duty is regarded as a good marine and is subsequently given more responsibilities which provides greater job enrichment. At Cypress, performance based compensation is a great tool for more efficient output. In the Marine Corps however, a marine may not initially be compensated monetarily for greater output as they do at Cypress, but would see such compensation in terms of better pros and cons and or fitness reports, which in turn sets up the marine for promotional opportunities as well as an increase in pay with each promotion. So in closing, I wouldn’t mind working for T.J. Rodgers even with his boot camp management style because I already work in such an environment. I wouldn’t mind working directly for Rodgers also because, he shares profit with corporate performance equally between himself and all his employees. QUESTION 4: What possible negative consequences do you see resulting from the recruitment and selection systems at Cypress? Cypress Semiconductor has an aggressive approach when hiring and believes that hiring is an essential foundation of any successful company. Cypress will
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