T-Mobile: Job Role and Organizational Structure

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Name: Rubel Ahmed Teacher: Lillian Unit: unit 4 Introduction In this assignment I will explain the job roles of T-Mobile. I will also discuss the structure that the organisation is. T-Mobile Sales assistant What We Are Looking For: • Great attitude • Outgoing • Ambitious • Creative • Analytical The role of this job is to provide motivation for the sales team to do well and increase the amount of sales that they make. They have to make sure that the sales team is loyal and polite to customers so that customers come more to shop at their store. Also they have to make sure that the experience for customers is good and pleasurable so that they come in to the store more. Location: Cardiff Earnings: £250 - £350 OTE Starting…show more content…
In this example structure, there is one person at the top with everyone else reporting into them on an equal level. Advantages of flat structures • people feel more involved and can take on more responsibility • greater communication • better team spirit • less bureaucracy and easier decision making • lower costs Disadvantages of flat structures • Decisions can get stuck as a result of consulting with many people. • People may have 'matrix management ', with more than one manager. • Limited to smaller organizations. • The function of each department a get blurred as roles merge. Hierarchical structures Many organizations structure themselves in a traditional and recognizable way using a hierarchy. The dictionary definition of hierarchy is a series of ordered groupings of people or things within a system. Hierarchy describes reporting levels and the status of people in the structure. This structure has lots of employees involved; it is used in large retail shops for example Tesco. Diagram of hierarchical structures Description of the diagram The hierarchical organization structure is pyramid-shaped. At the top of the structure is a single person, who has a small number of people reporting directly to them. Each of these people has several people reporting into them and the number of people at each level increases as you move down the structure. Advantages of hierarchical structures • A hierarchical structure uses
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