T Numarn: A Short Story

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It all started with a massive incident. Far back in the 60s, where all the gangsters were running the town. Molotov flying everywhere like a hellfire, machete swinging around craving for some flesh and blood, bullets cutting through air aiming for targets and soulless bodies laying around like sandbags. There was a 16 years old boy named T’chamarn, who was a single child raised by his father, living in a small house filled with warmness. Even though he didn’t have a mother, meanwhile, he didn’t feel lacking of anything as his father gave him everything he wanted and needed especially love. However, T’numarn, T’chamarn’s father, was a single-father, he never spoiled his son as he taught his son to be a strong person with a fighter’s heart because…show more content…
Yet, the police had no idea who the criminals were because no evidences and fingerprints were found, however, the police saw that the laboratory door looked like it was being smashed so hard until the glass were all broken. So, the police presumed that these criminals have asked T’numarn for his super power medicines but he refused. Fortunately, this After that, they started to have arguments and yelled at each other until this gangster couldn’t stand it so they shoot T’numarn many shots till death. When T’chamarn knew that his father was dead, the first thing that came into his mind was committing suicide since his father was the only person he had in his life. He just couldn’t believe that his father wasn’t here with him anymore, he was heartbroken and missed his father so much that it couldn’t be explain into words but his tears did. He cried a river, sitting on the floor, hugging his father’s picture. “I wish I could hug you one more time and thank you for being my hero along with bringing all those happiness into my life”, T’chamarn sobbed, “Even though we were separated by death, but we were together by heart, you would forever be in my heart”. Then, he stood up and wiped his tears then said, “I promise that one day I would revenge that ganster for you, daddy.” Few days later, he started going to the gym to lift weight and practice martial arts in order to gain
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