T-Shirts form Lubbok

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It is very likely that our T-shirts are born near Lubbock, Texas, which is the known to be the cottonest city in the whole world. Nelson Reinsch is a very successful cotton farmer. Him and his wife Ruth tend to be seen as people whose minds are opening rather than closing as they approach the ends of their lives. Producing cotton is no longer the exhausting physical process that it used to be, but Nelson and Ruth still fight both the impulses of nature and the moods of the markets. Every summer, they take on the different types of weathers they have to face and compete with cotton farmers from over 70 countries. Nelson Reinsch 1,000 acres can produce about 500,000 pounds of cotton lint if it is fully planted, which is enough for about 1.3 million T-shirts. Him ending his life in the same occupation that he began with makes a clear statement about the U.S. cotton industry. For over 200 years, The U.S. has been the certain leader of the global cotton industry. Poor countries have a very small chance to catch up with all the challenges they face. The U.S. has dominantly occupied first place in cotton production, cotton exports, farm size, and yields per acre. American industries usually compete with countries that are similar to them. For example, U.S. forms compete with Japanese automakers, German chemical companies, and Swiss pharmaceuticals. For climatic reasons, there are few advanced industrial economies that produce cotton. American cotton growers compete with

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