T4 by Anne Clare LeZotte

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World War II is an important key point in history that addresses to young adolescents. The novel, T4 is based on a true story, in which the author, Ann Clare LeZotte is portraying a novel that is based on the theme of survival. It appears to be that the author’s argument in writing this novel is to simply maintain awareness of the past. Generally speaking, a story about survival is a difficult genre for young readers, “The majority of war stories for children are about World War II and the Holocaust.” (Huck 482) The reason war stories are mainly about World War II and the Holocaust is because it was the most recent, largest, and horrifying war during the twentieth century in Europe. Our textbook also states that these historical novels help children experience the past. Meaning, that it is important for a child to learn about the past including all the wars, conflicts, sufferings, and great happiness that had occurred so they can apply that to the present and to the future. T4 by Ann Clare LeZotte is a story about a young teenager named Paula Becker who was born deaf and is growing up in a small city in Germany at the same time Adolf Hitler came into power and then later into dictatorship. T4 (Tiergartenstrasse 4) is a law in which the Nazi maintained order to the “doctors” to kill anyone who is disabled and/or mentally ill. In order for T4 to succeed, the Nazis had to hide the facts. Meaning, they simply would keep the truth from the patients in the institutions and keep
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