T867 EMA

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T867 End of Module Assessment
8 October 2013

A Sustainability Audit Report and recommendations for Council X

M7162589 Barbara McLaughlin
Word Count: 2892
Executive summary 3
Background 4
Organisational Outline 5
Figure1 – A systems map of council X 6 6
Table 1 Council Dept Links to Sustainability 7
Water Consumption 9
Energy Efficiency 9
Waste Recycling and Reduction 10
Figure 2 - DEFRA graphs to evidence waste collection / recycling per person both in Council X and London overall. 11
Internal Reprographics 12
Conclusion 12
References 12
Appendices 13
Appendix A – Evidence of Council X green house gases report 13
Appendix B – Evidence of Council X place in CRC league tables 13

Executive summary

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In addition I have applied a traffic light assurance system to the findings in line with section 2.3 of the text.

Organisational Outline
Central government provides a “National Procurement Strategy” to be followed and adhered to by Local Government. The framework states that councils should consider sustainability and where possible build this into its internal procurement processes and contracts. Council X spends an average of a billion pounds a year on staff costs, goods and services. This includes managing around seven hundred contracts some of which are provided by local businesses and some are major contracts with sustainability accredited suppliers.

The mayors “Greener London” reports on the environment for all London councils and is contributed to by multiple agencies such as defra, councils, and transport for London and Thames water. This report is a key factor in how the council decided its sustainability initiatives and a number of external partnerships and agencies influence the council’s operational outlook. As stated the council actively seek ISO accredited partners to assist with delivery of these services where it is more cost effective to do so.
I have reflected and tried to capture these influences and flows in a systems map shown in figure one. The largest system shows the council relationships to the social and external environment. These are broken down into sub systems for the main council and related

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