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MID EXAM SEMESTER I, 2013/2014 Course Business Communication and Negotiation Lecturer DrRanggaAlmahendra ST MM Day/Date Duration Minutes Type CLOSED BOOK 1. Please revise the writing style of following sentences to meet the criteria of ‘You Attitude’, please also note that using the word you does not always create you-attitude: Lacks You-Attitude You-Attitude 1 I have worked hard to get you the best contract settlement possible. The contract has been prudently created to accomodate your requirement and condition as well. 2 You will be happy to learn that the School of Management offers four different majors. The School of management would give you comprehensive and elaborate view on business as it provides in four different majors. 3…show more content…
Thanks for considering my request and helping me in tough situation. Yours sincerely, Aji Sasongko b.) Letters to Subordinate Date : 05 th December 2014 To : All Staff of Research and Development Division From : Aji Sasongko <Head of Research and Development Division> CC : Ni Luh Dewiyanti <Human Capital Rep. Manager R & D Division> Subject : Overspent annual budget for overtime Dear All Staff of Research and Development Division, I am very pleased and honored to have the opportunity to work with you and have the best effort to complete our SDKFZ project in the past two months. Our board of management are pleased to hear the development progress of that project. However, I regret to inform you that we already exceed our annual overtime budget and the management decides not to give additional fund on this post. I also need to remind several staff regarding this issue as their performance is not meeting management’s expectation after overly using overtime facility. I will notify and give a counseling to these member next week. We need to work smarter and efficiently to complete this project in the future. I will look your all role and responsibility and remove unnecessary workload therefore we are still able to deliver SDKFZ project on time. Thanks for all the efforts you have made so far and attention in this matter. Please let me know if you have any issue or solution regarding this matter. I am always glad to help in any

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