TANIA External And Internal Environment Analysis Week 3 STR 581

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External and Internal Environment Analysis
Tania Guzman
March 2, 2015
Edgar Coronel

External and Internal Environment Analysis
Guzman Realty is a new real estate company that was launched in the market a couple few years ago. The main purpose of Guzman Realty is selling homes for the diverse local community in the Phoenix area. Changes in the external and internal environment of the real estate company will determine the decisions management takes. With this purpose in mind, this paper will provide a complete environmental scan for the proposed real estate company.
Identify and analyze the Most Important External Environmental Factors The external environment is defined, according Pearce & Robinson (2013), “as factors
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This transition has had a significant effect on the actual market for many years. For instance, retiring in the Phoenix area is a dream for many baby boomers that look forward to the warmer winter weather and plenty of recreational areas (Nguyen, 2015).
Industry Environment
The industry environment is defined, according to Pearce and Robinson (2013), “as the general conditions for competition that influence all businesses that provide similar products and services” (Pag. 97). As a result, one of the most critical business factors for Guzman Realty is competition. Since Guzman Realty works in an enourmous industry with numerous competitors, the agency needs to have a strong focus on knowing its competition. Some of Guzman Realty’s strong competitors in the Phoenix include Stone Path Real Estate Agency, Arizona Real Estate Bargains, and Cooper Jon-Arizona Real Estate Bargains just to name a few. When developing a business philosophy and product, it is necessary for Guzman Realty to use its strength in quality production and customer service. These factors are necessary to build a robust competitive advantage to satisfy customer needs (Pearce & Robinson, 2013).
Operating Environment Operating environment are factors, according to Pearce & Robinson (2013), “in the immediate competitive situation that affect a firm’s success in acquiring needed resources. Some of the operating factors that influence the operations and success of Guzman Realty include

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