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ASSIGNMENT/DISCUSSION FOR UNIT 301 Understanding the principles and practices of assessment Assess criteria 1.1, 1.2 Description Define the key concepts and principles of assessment and explain its functions in learning and development. • What is the purpose of assessment? • What does assessment aim to achieve? • How does assessment impact and relate with learning and development? • Explain the definition of formative and summative assessment. • Why is initial assessment important and how and when should an initial assessment be completed? • Explain the meaning of valid, fair, authentic, sufficient and current As an assessor, how do you ensure you complete your assessments in a ‘fair’ manner Answer: Assessment enables an assessor to…show more content…
When assessing competence and performance within the workplace, a good starting point for assessment is the relevant sector standards and job description. This will provide a fair and consistent framework to assess skills, knowledge and understanding across the board in an objective manner. Initial assessment can be started through application forms, initial interviews, discussions and diagnostics, identifying a leaner’s starting point, potential and level. Assessors should ensure that all assessments are: Valid - the work is produced at the appropriate level and relevant. Authentic - the work being assessed is that of the learner. Current - the work is relevant to the standards at the time of assessment. Sufficient - the work covers all the necessary and relevant standards being assessed. Reliable - the work is consistent across all learners within a relevant cohort. It is important that an assessor demonstrates fairness in the assessment process, by making sure assessment activities are fit for purpose and that all aspects of the assessment process is justifiable. All learners should have an equal opportunity for an accurate and fair assessment. 1.3 Explain the role (main aim) and responsibilities (how will the assessor achieve that aim. What will they have to do?) of the assessor. Include: • Assessor responsibilities to understand the standards and requirements they are working to. • Planning assessments and communicating with learners with reference

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