TASK 3 Implement Innovatives Processess MICI

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MANAGE INNOVATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT ASSESSMENT TASK 3: Implement Innovative process UNIT CODE: BSBMGT6O8C name- prakash panchal student id - std01850 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This document is a detailed assessment under project Continuous Improvement Task3 i.e. ‘Implement innovative process” through which the researcher needs to demonstrate their capabilities essential for analyzing an existing case study present in the text book in which the main target is the Innovation and improvement. All minute specifications and details about the strategies and enhancing polices are discussed under this literature review. Concluding with the suggestions and recommendations to improvise the existing business policies to make…show more content…
b. Activities to promote the process and Sustainability: The goal of the program is to increase improve sustainability, and reduce errors on production lines by 20% c. Activities to reduce any negative impact on people: John also suggested involving teams in goal and objective setting for their own product lines. Each month they meet to develop production and error rate projections for the next, with a goal continuously improving both rates to achieve a maximum of 4% error rate and a 40% increase in productivity within 24 months. Current error rates are at 22%. To incorporate this change, production lines will be closed for 48 hours for re-tooling. During this period, staff will be re-trained in the production of their designated lines by shift supervisors. Training required will include technical training, motivational training and quality control procedures along with goal and objective setting workshops. Action Plan For Communication: Production staff and process workers will be divided into five different teams. Each team will be responsible for the manufacturing of five product lines. Team members will only work on the r specialty line, and rosters will be altered to ensure adequate staff on each line during • he 12-hour production cycle. This may involve changes to staff rosters, in some cases by implementing 12-hour shifts, but will not impact on earnings or result in the loss of any hours of work. 5. Develop at least two contingency plans related to

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