TDA 2.8 1.1 Describe how health and safety is implemented in your setting

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How is it implemented?
Administering of medicine
The policy states that they as a school they do not administer medication to children as most medicines are 3 times a day and it possible administer this without the schools help. However if it is required then parents/carers must complete a permission slip for this to happen. All medication is kept in the school office. Treatments for something life threatening such anaphylactic shock, parent must have completed a consent form to allow a named and trained member of staff to administer should it be necessary. There is a school medical register and a copy of this is in all classrooms.
Accident reporting
The policy defines that all accidents must be reported to the headteacher and also
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The site manager has responsibility to carry out regular fire inspections and take any action needed. The school has an electrical fire system which is regularly checked by an approved contractor.
First aid
The school aims to have at least 4 members of staff who have all attended a 3 day first aid course and where possible to have all other members of staff attend a 1 day training. First aid should be carried out when necessary by a qualified first aider but it should not prevent someone helping if the situation requires. A list of first aiders is situated around the school in places such as first aid room and staff room. It states that all members of staff including supply need to know who the first aiders are.
There are first aid kits within school and they are kept up to date by the nominated first aiders. The school also has portable first aid kits for trips and visits away from the school grounds. The policy sates that if a serious incident occurs such as unconsciousness, severe allergic reaction, suspected fractures etc., 999 must be called along with the parents immediately.
Food safety
It is stated in the policy that before any food handling by the children can happen that written permission must be given from the parent/carer. The school has a no nut policy. When doing a food activity, the school highlights that the children need to be taught basic safe food handling and procedures. The children are encouraged to do the following wash their

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