TDA 3.7

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1.1-Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and teaching assistant in assessment of learners achievements. Both the teachers and the teaching assistant main role is to monitor and assess pupils achievemnets in the class, but the main teacher has overall responsibility for recording and making the decisions that may be needed for example moving a child into a different group to match their ability levels. The teacher needs to be aware of the progression made by all the children in their class and be able to report back to parents and other members of staff. As a teaching assitant my main role is to support the class teacher whilst the ongoing assessment of pupils takes place. The teacher can measure the progress of each pupil by…show more content…
Formative assessment is a more formal type of assessing where the focus is on monitoring pupils response to the lesson and any progress made. Summative is where the focus is on determing what the pupil has learned for example in a test at the end of term. 1.3-E xplain the characteristics of assessment for learning. When the teacher shares and explain the learning objective with the pupils they will be giving the pupils a clear understanding of what they are to learn, they can check the childs understanding by asking questions, the support learning practitioner will also need to be aware of the learning objective. It aims to help pupils gain a clear understanding of the standards they are aiming for an example of this could be providing an example of previous work. By allowing pupikls to do self and peer assessment it allows them to assess the progress they have made and identify how they can improve their work. Peer assessing allows others in the group to act as critical friends. By providing feedback the pupils will see more clearly what they need to do next and how to improve on their work if needed, examples of feedback could be questions in a group or a through a whole class discussion. Promoting confidence that every child can improve will see the child gain satisfaction on their own progress and will give them a sense that they can continue to improve, a teacher or TA can do this by giving
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