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Why is TTT (Teacher Talking Time) noted first among the potential problems to look out for in the list in section 1.2C?

What are some ways you plan to avoid excessive TTT in your classroom when you are a ESL/EFL teacher? Provide specific strategies and examples.

“Why is TTT noted first among the potential problems to look out for in the list in Section 1.2C?”
Section 1.2 introduces the simple notion that, as Native English Speakers, we are accustomed to using the language—our students, on the other hand, are not. So, this preliminary information informs instructors to build classroom environments that encourage and maintain verbal participation from the students. In essence, we are not to build curriculum that reflects the
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Which would be most effective with the majority of students? Which would be the most time efficient? On what basis would you choose one over another?

“Which one of the approaches or methods listed in Section 1.5 seems more appealing to you as a personal choice to employ in your future classroom?”
An Eclectic Approach is consistent with my overall goals as an effective foreign-language teacher. I am willing to try any and everything until I can locate what is effective, what is comfortable, and what will provide for the most conducive learning environment. In essence, and Eclectic Approach only seems feasible to a person who has a sincere interest in understanding how to best assist the learner. “Which would be the most effective with a majority of students?”
The Direct Method is probably the most effective with a majority of students. I say this simply because the methodology—by definition—is student-centered. It would be difficult to argue against student-centered methodology. According to the TEFL website, the Direct Method builds an environment by which the student would acquire the L2 just as naturally as a child would. It goes on the further stress teaching through habit formation and immediate/consistent correction of linguistic errors as they are made. The extend the “parent-child” analogy, the instructor is doing all possible to make sure classroom time is

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