TELS 3340 Case Studies Essay

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Narmin Azizli Case Study 2-B TELS 3340 1. What is Marilyn’s responsibility to her present employer regarding her knowledge that several employees are planning to seek positions with the new company? Marilyn is an experienced supervisor, and she is responsible to report if there are any problems with employees. In my opinion, she should inform middle or top management that there is possibility that some employees might leave. By doing this she is not telling on her employees. She is making sure that management will be prepared if someone leaves. In addition, if Marilyn informs top management about the issue, they might consider higher pay rates and better benefits in order to keep their current employees. 2. How should Marilyn…show more content…
Jack’s main job is to ensure that the inside of the buildings and the grounds are clean and in good repair and are pleasant places for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This sounds like a simple description of his job, but it includes a lot more responsibilities. He has to make sure that everything is working fine, take care of plants, snow removal, heat and air conditioning, and maintain constant level of humidity in the greenhouse for biology department. He manages seven other full time workers. Each of them has their own responsibilities. He also hires part time workers depending on the need. Jack can’t possibly do it all alone. He needs at least one person for each job. In addition, he monitors their work, makes sure that everything is getting done. Work specialization is very important for Jack’s job. It is very beneficial, but it also has its cons. Boredom, fatigue, stress, low productivity, poor quality, high turnover are all negative things that can come with work specialization. Jack needs to motivate his employees, make sure that they are happy and have no problems. A good way to do this is to make them feel like the boss of their job, he needs to show that he trusts them and they can make good decisions. Moreover, it will be beneficial to involve them in decision process too. For example, one of the employees has specialization in heating and plumbing. He is more experienced in this field. So listening to ideas he has to offer

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