TESCO and Self-Service Checkouts

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TESCO AND SELF SERVICE CHECKOUTS Introduction The literature below is a research about self-checkout machine in Tesco supermarkets, and it aims at answering; the reasons that Tesco has changed, importance of self checkout systems in Tesco and challenges faced by the self checkout systems. TESCO is a chain of supermarkets stores originally from the U.K; they have expanded rapidly over the past few years. These stores are of general merchandise that carries everything from clothing, deckchairs, groceries, petrol stations, wines, consumer electronics, DVD and CDS. TESCO has stores in North America, Asia and Europe that operate under the TESCO brand. It operates hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenient stores. TESCO services allow their customers to do their shopping from the comfort of their chairs; because delivery is done to their homes, and it also offers internet shopping services. Literature review Tesco is the largest UK store, founded in 1999 by Cohen. It is currently among the principal retailers in the world (Akridge, 2012). The company has undergone different steps to put up with customer demand (Piercy, 2012). Because of these steps, changes have occurred that have increased customer satisfaction (consortium, 2006). This has introduced self checkout systems which have increased sales and save more time while shopping (Jones 2008). These systems also bring challenges (infrastructure network 2002). Different solutions can be used to counter these problems
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