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1.Explain why is it more important to have a clear idea of learner's needs in Business TESOL than in General English? 2.Describe the difference between an organization’s need and the cognitive needs of an individual? 3.Why is it important to consider the learners' cultural background and interest when planning a class? 4.How can online sources and other electronic tools play important roles when designing and delivering a business class? 5.How can the lexical method be used to teach grammar points with business vocabulary in context. Give an example of this approach. 6.Prepare a lesson plan for business learners interested in learning about the use of the capital letters in English. Give an example of an online source that you would…show more content…
Bruner, J.S. (1996) Folk pedagogy, in The Culture of Education, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press. Yuan Gao 68 Jinqiao Avenue, Jianghan District, Wuhan, Hubei 430000 +86 18627146633 yaknowwatitis@163.com OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Results-driven operations management professional combining extensive track record implementing superior performance and cost reduction measures across multiple departments while streamlining operations and improving productivity. Excellent communicator and innovative problem solver; can cultivate lasting relationships with clients and negotiate lucrative contracts with vendors. CORE COMPETENCIES Forecasting·Fiscal Management·Financial Analysis·Budgeting·Risk Assessment·Team Development·Communication·Troubleshooting·Business Development·Contract Negotiations·Personnel Motivation Programs·Teambuilding & Leadership·Solution Implementing·Customer Service PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Xiang Shu Tou Zi Ltd. Wuhan 2010-Present Program administrator, Client Administrator Formulated and established administrative procedures with coordinated efforts from account managers, clients, account executives in addition to marketing and data processing personnel; developed reports, program schedules, and guidelines. Controlled auditing and balancing of all program reports prior
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