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Assignment 1 1. The acronym TESOL stands for – Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages. 2. 3 educational institutions in which ESL is taught: Middle School/ High School, English Centers (VUS, ILA, etc.), University, College. 3. The acronym ESL stands for – English as a Second Language. 4. The acronym ESP stands for – English of Specific (or Special) Purpose. 5. An IELTS test is an international English language testing system. 2 cases in which students must pass an IELTS test: a. NESB (non-English speaking background) students who wish to study in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United Kingdom are required to pass an IELTS test before beginning tertiary study in these countries. b. NESB students who wish to study in…show more content…
5 examples of Realia could use to teach the Advanced level: Asking for direction. Get some real city maps from the local tourist office and give one to each pair of students. Then, have them take turns asking and giving directions to popular city sights. (ClaudiaPesce) Celebrate the holidays. This activity gives students chances to learn new cultures. Special holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas offer special learning opportunities. For example, to teach students about Halloween, we should plan a celebration complete with pumpkin carving, costume, and typical games like bobbing for apples. Give the students a chance to experience the holidays and not just read about them. (Claudia Pesce) The job interview. Try to get some real job applications and have students practice filling them out in class. We can also conduct job interviews using real life interview questions. This type of practice will not only teach them the vocabulary they should know, it will give students the confidence they may need. (Claudia Pesce) Tourist information. Collect brochures of places of interest and ask students to use them to plan a trip for a group of students who are coming to their town for a week. They can plan the itinerary, work out the budget etc, (Jo Budden, 2011) Global issue example. Give students a topic relating to the environment, as an example, to discuss and give their own opinion on this issue. They can work in group, brainstorm
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