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I think that there are not enough reasonable grounds for an arrest without a warrant. I think more reasonable grounds should be put into place in order to arrest someone without a warrant. This is because I think that if a victim phones the police with a worry they should arrest a person to stop them from doing something, however they usually wait until something has actually happened to the victim or their property.
I also think that citizens should not have the power to arrest a suspected criminal as they could get injured in the process and it’s not their duty to arrest a person.
If the police apply for a warrant it could take days to receive the warrant so I think that this is not effective as the person they are applying for a
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There are a number of rights for offenders that are effective such as the right to have someone informed, legal advice, searches, right to decent conditions and right to consult the Codes of Practice. However, I think that DNA/Fingerprints, a phone call and the right to silence should not be allowed. DNA/Fingerprints without consent should not be allowed as the suspect may not even be guilty. They should be allowed permission to say whether they want the police to have them unless they have actually committed a crime. A phone call should also not be allowed as they could phone someone for an alibi or to cover their tracks so they are not a part of a crime. Finally the right to silence should not bean option as the police are trying to figure out and it could put someone else in danger, for example, a kidnapping. The police could be trying to find a child with a serious illness and if the suspect doesn’t say nothing and has the right to silence then the child may die or some serious harm could be done which puts the child in danger etc.
There are some advantages and disadvantages of the interview techniques. I think that recording the suspect both on video and audio because its good to look back at to see their facial expressions in response to the questions asked by the police and also the way they say it for example, the suspect could stutter when answering a question, something the police may
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