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THE HOLOCAUST The Holocaust was the mass annihilation of the European Jews by the National Socialist Party (Nazi) of Germany from 1933 to 1945. In The War of the Jews, Dawidowicz explains the conditions that made anti-Semitism politically acceptable. The Germans of the nineteenth century "inherited a Christian-inspired popular and intellectual anti-Semitism that depicted Jews as foreigners- a state within a state- killers of Christ, well poisoners, and a cause of every misfortune, whether natural, economic, or political. The forces of naturalism, Volkist theory, bogus racial science, and fear of modernity reinforced and built upon this foundation." 1 The impact of the Holocaust has greatly affected the society of the past and the …show more content…
When Britain refused his offer, Hitler gave Jews the opportunity to leave Germany. At this time many educated Jews left Germany, including the Einstein family. However, countries began to close their borders to German Jews. These countries were either ignorant to the fate of the Jews or they did not care enough to do anything to help them. "In his mind Hitler associated his declaration of war on September 1, 1939 with his promise to destroy the Jews."5 Hitler believed that someday the world would thank him for destroying the Jewish race. In one of the few speeches in which Hitler does not mention the Jews he states "Whoever deviates from the rules for the humane conduct of war can expect nothing else from us, but that we will take the same steps."6 In saying this he clearly warned the world that anyone who interferes with his plans will go down with the Jews. This forewarning brought fear to those who had intentions to step in and help out. People had reason to fear their own well being and as a result, six million Jews were executed under Hitler’s control.

The war and the extermination of Jews were interrelated. Hitler was fighting two wars: a traditional military fought war in effort to gain resources and one to achieve National Socialist ideology by killing off the Jewish race. The resulting confusion of war protected Hitler from his murderous acts. In order to get

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