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The conclusion from the research of this paper indicates that social networks sites are here to stay. Social network sites need to convey a sense of responsibility. Based on the increasing level of social sites engaging in ecommerce, communication and socialization, the need of privacy protection is passed on to individuals. What this research paper has demonstrated is that there are implications users need to be aware of before signing up and placing their profile on these social network sites. Social Network sites for human communication are rising at a staggering rate, especially since the Internet is the world’s fastest growing communication medium. It can diminish the quality of physical social interaction. Relationships on the…show more content…
This research suggests that even the most caution users can become victims of a social network site. Users need to exercise precautions to guard your personal information such as full name, birth date, address, email, credit card numbers and other sensitive personal information. Posting too much information such as inappropriate comments, racy photos and where you are going tonight on these sites could have a lasting effect. Businesses have jumped on the social network bandwagon as a way to create leads, gain business and brand their products. Businesses are not realizing that their employees spend an enormous amount of time on these sites. Therefore, some are creating Intranet social networking sites within their company. Can social networking be treated as a business tool for organizations? A company could create a virtual work world. The company could try out ideas in the virtual worked without a huge investment and suffering the implications of ideas that did not work. Businesses could use the virtual world as a think tank. Instead of having a meeting all day to discuss a business strategy, they could load it up on the server and have the workers use the strategy and give comments and inject their ideas and changes. Customers could get involved to help improve the business to better serve their needs. Suppliers could inject their ideas to help them. The possibilities are endless. Social networking could turn into organization networking. A business


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