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THE IMPORTANCE OF LABOR UNIONS According to the idea ‘’we do not need labor unions for high-skilled labor forces. They can negotiate their wage rates effectively and reach acceptable settlements on all issues concerning their work environment without collective bargaining.’’. I do not agree with this idea because unions are very important for workers, companies and economies. Why I think like that; because there are a lot of researches and these are shows that workers are happier and more powerful when there is a union which gate their powers to deal with employer and sometimes with government. Also, when they need for example for legal advice there is place to go. In this study I will explain firstly unions function and benefits.…show more content…
According to another source which provided by Buchmueller, Di Nardo, and Valletta (2001) and Mishel et al. (2003) union premiums for health, retirement, and paid leave information are given and placed in the table. 4- Barry T. Hirsch and Albert N. Link’s study which provides neutral opinion and does not support Harvard Study Barry T. Hirsch and Albert N. Link (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro) analyzed Harvard studies which claims that union’s increases productivity in a study (Unions, Productivity, and Productivity Growth) and in the conclusion their explanations transferred below; ‘’Harvard studies showing that labor productivity is positively related to unionism need not be inconsistent with findings from R&D studies showing that total factor productivity growth is slower in more highly unionized industries. However, our empirical analysis indicates that productivity growth decreases with respect to both the growth and level in the proportion unionized. In our opinion, these findings cast doubt on the generality and robustness of the results reported in the Harvard studies. A possible explanation for our lack of empirical support for CV/IR view of unionism is that increases and decreases in unionism have an asymmetrical effect. One interpretation of the CV/IR view is that it is the change from nonunıon to unıon status that increases productivity through the


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