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The Life of Sojourner Truth       I.     Early Life A.     Born a slave in 1797 1.     Isabella Van Wagner, in upstate New York 2.     She married an older slave and started a family. B.     Sojourner Truth the most famous black female orators 1.     She lectured throughout Northeast and Midwest on women's rights, religion and prison reform. 2.     "Ain't I a Women" speech May 29, 1851 II.     Moving to start a new life. A.     The Civil War 1.     She nursed…show more content…
However, she had already received moral and spiritual education from her mother. These lessons formed the basis of her lifetime devotion to religion and reform. Bell was sold two more times, ending up with a wealthy landowner in New York in 1810. There she married an older slave and started a family. New York State had passed a law requiring all slaveholders to free slaves who were Forty years old or older in 1817, and to free all others by 1828. Bells owner promised to release her a year early, but he didn’t live up to his word. So, Bell fled with her infant daughter. The Van Wageners, a New York couple who eventually bought her freedom for twenty dollars, took her in. While staying at the Van Wagener’s, she learned that her son had illegally been sold out of state. She sued the slave owner and won, becoming the first black women to win a lawsuit against a white man.      In 1829, Truth and her two children moved to Manhattan, where she became involved in a Christian cult, formed around Robert Matthews, who claimed to be God. Bell worked there as a housekeeper and put her life savings into a commune. But, in 1843 after members of the group was poisoned, she grew disillusioned and left New York City. During this time Bell heard voices that she believed to be God's. This awakening led her to change her name
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