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Beau Fletcher
M3 Case Study Analysis
Case Study Analysis – Philadelphia Phillies


The Phillies have a unique problem when assessing their competitive environment, having to compete with products completely separate from what they offer over the same target market of consumers. They must implement unique and innovative ways in which to manage their product, and highlight the brand they have invested in.
Case Background

Philedelphia Eagles
Philedelphia 76ers
University of Pennsylvania Athletics
Villanova University Athletics
The Phillies face a unique dilemma in the form of a highly competitive market that is highly saturated due to the presence of a large variety and quantity of sporting
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The Phillies should capitalize on the popularity of the Phillie Fanatic, by not only having him at the games, but also sending out multiple mascots outside the stadiums and into the streets before games. This can create great opportunities to bring in families who may have not even known there was a game, or were not planning on going. Expanding on this idea, they mascots could present vouchers to the parents offering discounted tickets to that game, adding motivation for them to attend.
Not all market segments need to have separate promotional strategies in order for them to be effective. According to Totka, (2013) an innovative idea to improve the entertainment experience is to implement text message drink and food ordering at Stadiums. One of the most frustrating things to a fan of any demographic is to have to leave the game, and get stuck waiting at a vendor being a crowd of people for any extended amount of time before making his way back to see what he or she missed. To promote the sale of merchandise, you could have promotional days where if your team’s superstar hits a home run, you receive a discount when you purchase any merchandise related to that player.

With all suggestions aside, in order for the Phillies to stand out as being the go-to entertainment service in their competitive market, there

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