TMA 01 B100 introduction to buisness

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Question 1 1
Question 2 2-4
Question 5 4-6

Question 1
Part (a)

This analysis can be applied to Bremont as such,
As far as marketing is concerned Bremont , have already cut out into the with the brand itself has already reaching international luxury markets in Hong Kong. It will be also attracting most of their UK-based customers, with the made in Britain stamp.

Bremont will opening a new workshop opening in Hanley-on-Thames , which will increase production and improve the
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Part (b)

The organizational culture of Bremont, is influenced by the communications. Communications in this case, influence Bremont, through the events that have happened in both of the brothers lives, and a love for aviation to inspire the interest of making luxury wrist watches. The brothers since had a career, in restoring vintage aircraft. They were inspired, by their father’s passion of engineering and watches. These things all tied together, and the fact that the wristwatch was invented for pilots, influence the culture and background for Bremont, making wristwatches, also with airplane parts. What could be taken from this is that, aviation had influence the behavior of this business to start making wristwatches, particularly those watches made with certain airplane parts.

Question 2
Part (a)
Based on the Hackman and Oldham’s (Schaefer, 2006) model the main thing that needs to be established is how to make the workers enthusiastic and willing to come to work. This is achieved by designing the job the best way possible that comfortably allows the employee to use their abilities. As well as properly fitting jobs to the employees through a selection process. An employee should be selected for the job based on their skill level and background. This is a means to show that this job cannot be done by everyone and is significant to the individual. The benefits of the work done from the

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